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Far too many business partners are disrespected by their fellow partners. Instead of being treated as a business equal, they find themselves unfairly treated. Often because they aren't involved in the business's day-to-day operations, they are viewed as an intrusive force, and unfairly labelled as delusional, paranoid, conspiracy theorist, bipolar, psychotic or other disrespectful reference. Yet this is all too often a ploy to get that partner to dispense with their partnership interest for far less than what they are worth, and possibly for nothing at all.

At Neufeld Legal PC, our legal team has represented many business partners who have been disrespected by the partnership's leadership and treated very badly. Whether or not there has been actual abusive language, or it is simply being whispered behind your back, it is an unhealthy situation that will typically only get worse and have negative repercussions, including negative financial repercussions. For such partnership leadership, once opposed to a particular partner will tend to attach further labels and interpret everything in a negative light, inferring that this particular partner is unhinged, with conspiratorial theories, psychosis, paranoia, delusion, mental illness, bipolar or other negative detractors.

Providing legal advice and strategy to complex aspects arising from one's partnership arrangement is a central facet of the legal practice of Neufeld Legal P.C. and lawyer Christopher R. Neufeld. To engage our law firm's legal services in furtherance of your business partnership situation, contact the law firm of Neufeld Legal P.C. at or 403-400-4092 (Calgary, Alberta) or 416-887-9702 (Toronto, Ontario). 


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