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Whether you are an equal partner or a minority partner, if there is another partner in the partnership that is seeking to improperly exert their influence over the business partnership to your personal detriment or such partner is delusional, paranoid, bipolar, psychotic or otherwise mentally unstable, you need to assert legal control over your stake in the partnership. Power hungry and/or delusional partners tend to exert harmful influence over the partnership's operations and finances. They also tend to disrespect their fellow partner, not engaging them in business decisions and seek to cut them out of profits that they believe they are solely responsible for creating.

Such overly aggressive and problematic partners can not be allowed to operate unchecked, as this will only destroy partnership value and become the impetus for even more serious legal action. Instead, knowledgeable legal counsel should be engaged early on and the situation brought under control. For most of these overly aggressive partners fail to realize the extent of the controls that they are obliged to observe, for it is in not observe those rules and obligations that they have built up their power. Yet it is power that is derived from a failure to follow laws, regulations, partnership provisions and contractual agreements (i.e. a partnership agreement). Alternatively, though an equally serious predicament, is that of a partner who is delusional, paranoid, bipolar, psychotic or otherwise mentally unstable. As such, engaging the appropriate lawyer will allow you to correct this situation and gain control over your partnership holding and the legal protections that arise therefrom.

Providing legal advice and strategy to complex aspects arising from one's partnership arrangement is a central facet of the legal practice of Neufeld Legal P.C. and lawyer Christopher R. Neufeld. To engage our law firm's legal services in furtherance of your business partnership situation, contact the law firm of Neufeld Legal P.C. at or 403-400-4092 (Calgary, Alberta) 416-887-9702 (Toronto, Ontario). 


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