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Entering into new business markets frequently demands forming new business relationships, often through strategic partnerships or joint ventures. These legal constructs for collaboration are driven by a plan of advancement together with clear obligations and responsibilities for each of the parties to the venture. The intention is to create assurances towards the profit objectives of the partnership, such that each of the parties is confident in their expenditure of time, effort, knowledge and money will not be wasted or taken advantage of. For that reason, the legal arrangements of the parties is pivotal to the venture's advancement, whether as a partnership, joint venture or an alternate legal agreement with respect to their collaboration.

Given the significance of the legal agreement that should be the foundation for your strategic partnership or joint venture, the importance of experienced legal counsel cannot be understated. This is particularly evident in multi-national partnerships and joint ventures, where varying legal systems and business perspectives must be accommodated within a single legal agreement. And all the while, the ultimate business objectives of the partnership cannot be lost, but must be given the means to realize it's optimal profit potential.

Legal counsel for partnerships and joint ventures therefore must facilitate the realization of optimal profits within a legal framework that lawful protects the business participants. This is essential to maximizing your Canadian partnerships and joint ventures, for it provides important assurances that will enable the business to move forward with confidence while limiting future infighting and breakdowns of the business relationship. For legal counsel as to your business partnership or joint venture, contact lawyer Christopher Neufeld with Neufeld Legal Professional Corporation at or 403-400-4092 (Calgary, Alberta) 416-887-9702 (Toronto, Ontario). 


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